The Calm Warrior Training Inc. provides criminal justice professionals with stress management and decompression tactics. In addition we offer a specific maintenance prescription for decreasing unhealthy stress and becoming resilient – a toolbox to use in your everyday life. We also provide organizational consulting and training.

CALM: A state of tranquility or, a condition of freedom from storms, high winds, or rough activity of water

WARRIOR: A person engaged or experienced in warfare

There is no doubt about it, law enforcement is a stressful occupation. The stress begins right out of the gate. Job applications, testing, interviews and then the wait all create stress. When you get hired and start the academy the stress begins on the first day and continues through graduation.

On the job, stress comes from many sources. The job, management, people, contracts, benefits, the judicial system, finances, family, traumatic events and countless other issues are often sources of stress. Over time, this stress accumulates and in many cases it may become overwhelming. Unfortunately, in many cases this effects the officers performance and/or personal life.

Historically the law enforcement profession has fallen short in providing officers with the tools necessary to cope with the stresses that he or she faces. Less than 30 years ago employee assistance programs were almost nonexistent. For various reasons officers were reluctant to seek assistance. In many cases if an officer admitted to having a problem related to stress it was perceived by his peers as a sign of weakness. The fear of being labeled weak led to many officers suffering in silence.

Over the years management has recognized that stress can be dealt with. An understanding of the value and effectiveness of therapy led to more officers seeking treatment for stress related issues. Employee assistance programs were developed to assist officers seeking treatment. Therapy, sometimes mandated, became the norm rather than the exception. In many cases this therapy, whether in a group or individual setting, was based on talking through the issues. This led to some improvements in the way that stress is managed by the officer. The problem is, at some point the therapy ends or the talking ceases to be effective. There has never been a focus on developing a long term prescription for managing stress.

The Calm Warrior program focuses on utilizing proactive long term stress reduction techniques, developing resiliency, and achieving peak performance.

Click the link below – for a 5 minute stretch, strengthen core, breathe and balance demo by Tracy.

NOTE: The Calm Warrior Program is not a substitute for professional counseling. Individuals experiencing reactions to stress or symptoms of PTSD should absolutely seek professional counseling. The Calm Warrior program is designed to be easily incorporated into ones daily life and utilized as a proactive stress management tool. It may also be effective as a supplement to professional counseling.